The HAZEL + BELL SHOP is where you can buy physical goods for Hazel + Bell's various webcomic and light novel series.



Hazel + Bell's ongoing sci-fi mystery BL webcomic.

From Electric Bones: ACT I:

"Lucian Valencourt has always gotten his way in life, until he gets fired from his job thanks to an intense rivalry with his robotic coworker. Newly unemployed, Lucian accepts an invitation from his friends to a luxury cruise in deep space. Lucian plans on passing the time by indulging in every illicit activity and substance in the galaxy, but his plans are cut short when he runs into a familiar face: a robot who looks like the coworker who got him fired."





The now-completed slice of life BL romance webcomic about two teenagers misadventures fumbling through unrequited romances.

From Always Raining Here Volume 1:

"Carter Books, age 17, is horny, gay, single, and very desperate. Bankrupt in tact and common sense, Carter makes it his mission to seduce straight-edged musical theatre geek Adrian Hlaváček. Unfortunately for him, Adrian (who already has plenty of issues on his own) is less than interested in the cheap fling that Carter is so keen on. 

Set in the damp corners of British Columbia, Always Raining Here is a silly and unsubtle story about teenage hormones and the unfortunate feelings that accompany them."


Light Novels also by Hazel + Bell: Decoy & Retrofit, The Prison Tower



About Hazel + Bell:

Bell is the writer and Hazel is the artist. They make things together! They also personally run this shop. They have a patreon where you can read all their extra bonus stories that aren't available in print or for free online.

email contact: hazelbell.arh @ gmail.com (remove spaces)